Bonus material

As well as being part of this transformational 10 week journey, you'll also enjoy these exclusive bonuses ONLY available to you if you are part of The Empowered Woman

  • Bonus individual 1:1

    £500 value

    As well as 10 weekly modules, lessons and weekly coaching sessions, you'll receive a bonus individual 1:1 session with me worth £500.

  • Bonus Masterclass with Psychologist & Author Sarah Gregg

    £300 value

    Sarah Gregg provides an exclusive LIVE Masterclass and Workshop to The Empowered Woman Group. This Masterclass is only for you if you are part of this program, and will allow you to dive even deeper in to understanding how you can separate the ego from your truth.

  • Bonus Masterclass/Workshop & Sound Healing with Cherub Sanson

    £150 value

    During the 10 week Program, you'll enjoy an incredible LIVE Masterclass & Sound Bath by the powerhouse that is Cherub Sanson. Cherub has worked all over the world, and performed her Sound Healing Baths in some of the most exclusive and iconic venues across the globe.

Are you 1 of my 5?

I'm looking for 5 Incredible Women who are ready to connect to their deepest desires and truth, create authentic success and become unstoppable.

After 21 years in Corporate Leadership. I know first hand what 'being trapped & burned out' feels like.  

  • You feel out of balance
  • You feel over worked
  • You are time Poor
  • Your relationships suffer as a result (Partner/Intimacy/Connection/Communication Children & Friendships)
  • You struggle to trust (your own decisions and other people)
  • You lack confidence and self belief
  • You're sick of hiding how you really feel
  • You want to speak your truth, but fear upsetting others
  • You compare yourself and your life to people around you
  • On paper you seem to have it all, but you feel there's still something missing
  • You hold on to guilt & shame from your past
  • You struggle being vulnerable (you see this as weakness)
  • You struggle to receive (compliments/feedback and all that life has to offer)
  • You fear failure
  • You don't like asking for help, you'd rather do it alone (it feels safer)

What you get?!

I'm looking for 5 incredible Women to work with me for 10 weeks from 3rd Feb 2022

Working with me in 'The Empowered Woman' - Authentic Success, you get weekly 1:1 Coaching and EXCLUSIVE access to weekly lessons that are bespoke to you and your learning. Together we will dive deeply in to what your subconscious beliefs are, and using my unique and proven methods you will learn to connect to the wisdom within you to create new beliefs and new neural pathways that allow you to move forward with truth, authenticity and trust. You will cultivate Self Love on the deepest level. WARNING - This work is life changing. You also get LIFETIME ACCESS to all of the lessons, which will allow you to not only continue with this work beyond the 10 weeks, but also pull on any tools you may need to face any challenge life gives you in the future. As well as this, you are also part of my private WA group, and a safe container with 4 other incredible Women supporting your goals and empowering you to get results. We will DEEP DIVE in to what it is that is stopping you from fully stepping in to your 'Authentic Power' and work together to clear out those blocks that are deep rooted, and holding you back. Working closely with me will allow you to create freedom, expansion and growth from a place of purpose, truth and authenticity. This program is only for 5 Women, to allow you to feel fully supported during the 10 weeks and beyond.

I'm Jill Ritchie, a results driven Coach, who shows Women how to get AUTHENTIC SUCCESS in both life and business, without the sacrifice.

Having worked with thousands of people over the past 4 years as a Life & Business Coach, I know what it takes to drop the mask, speak your truth and feel authentically.

I know how hard it is to take the first step. Vulnerability can feel like weakness, it's hard to drop the mask and speak your truth. But there is a world beyond 'fine'. If you feel like there must be more, or something is missing, then you are right. This can feel scary, but there's no need to fear this. This is your intuition, and I will show you how to tap in to this from a place of safety and trust. You don't have to take my word for it, I've worked with thousands of people over the last 4 years as a Life & Business Coach, including Celebrities, Artists, Executives, Athletes and Business Owners. I have featured in Thrive, OK, Happiful, BBC & much more, and my results speak for themselves.

Book in your FREE 1:1 Discovery Call today

If you have said YES to anything I have shared then I would love to chat to you more on a 1:1 Discovery call. This call is to not only discover if this is the right course for you, but if we are the right match. I don't work with everyone I speak to, so this call is an important one. Not everyone is ready for this level of transformation.

Have more confidence and courage ever before

Learn how to connect and create from a place of purpose, truth and authenticity.

  • You will reconnect with yourself and learn how to master self love on the deepest level. Doing this will allow you to feel more safe and empowered than you ever have before.

  • You will create more time, doing less, and create rock solid boundaries that allow you to feel connected, strong and empowered

  • You will create a greater sense of balance in all areas of your life, and have lifetime tools to navigate your way through any challenges

  • Having a deeper connection and knowing of what your core values are, you will take bolder leaps with confidence and ease

  • You will identify the difference between guilt and shame, and be finally able to let go of all that may be holding you back from living authentically

  • You will have better/deeper and stronger relationships with people around you

This course is only for those of you who are open to transformations, and willing to make changes

The Empowered Woman - Authentic Success. Are you 1 of my 5?

Meet some of the amazing women who have already completed The Empowered Woman Program.

“I started working with Jill this year and couldn’t have imagined the impact it would have on my life. Jill is a positive, inspiring and incredible woman, a champion for women everywhere and I am so glad I started out on this journey with her. I completed Jill’s Empowered Woman course and I can’t recommend this enough - the lessons you learn, the breakthroughs you have and the self-love you build will change your life. Jill has a skill of bringing people together which encourages an openness, a trust and a support group that makes the journey fun, emotional, uplifting and transformational. It’s a safe space and the bonds I’ve created with these women are amazing. She also challenges you to think differently, and helps you to take responsibility for your goals and what you want to achieve. She is honest and authentic and I connected with her the moment we first spoke. I still believe I’ve got a long way to go on this journey but Jill has opened up a world of new opportunity for me, a new way of thinking and reacting to situations, and given me the tools to continue to grow and evolve. ”

Siobhan Rooney

“I was instantly drawn to the EW as soon as I read a post on Linkedin, I felt like it was written for me! I had invested in a few courses already that year so I was a bit worried about that, however it was the best thing I have done for myself, possibly ever! I thought I’d done the work on myself, but I’d only scratched the surface! The EW was a beautiful safe space where I vulnerably opened up some things that had been tucked away for years, that I’d not dealt with and that were holding me back. The insights I’ve gained about my self and how I have been showing up in life and how I want to show up are priceless. I felt so connected to Jill immediately, she intuitively helped me to peel back layers that I’d not even realised had built up. I learned so much about myself that I’d completely hidden in the dark. Not to mention the other amazing ladies in the group. We all connected in some way and held eachother when we needed it. I was overwhelmed how much energy and chemistry there was over zoom! Since the course I have been much more forthright with what I need, what I want and what I don’t want, both in my personal life and in my business. I would wholeheartedly recommend EW to anyone that really wants to reconnect with their true authentic self. ”

Bev Gibb

“After listening to Jill’s “She Loves Herself” podcast for almost a year, I learned of the announcement for the Empowered Woman’s course and knew that it was something that I could benefit from. I was really drawn to Jill’s authenticity and teaching manner and felt that the course would help me grow, reconnect with who I am and, ultimately, what I want and need in all walks of life. My truth. The course was amazing and has helped me to refocus and has given me confidence to hear my own voice and trust that it is right and the path the follow. It’s an epic course that has resulted in great friendships with the other ladies that were created in an open, safe and trusted space. I would recommend this to everyone and may even sign up again! ”


“I cannot recommend the Empowered Woman and Jill as an intuitive coach highly enough! I knew something in my life had to change and I needed more. I knew that it had to come from me and that I was preventing myself from achieving. I'd followed Jill on Instagram for a while and a lot of what she said really resonated with me. From the first conversation we clicked and I knew I'd made the right decision to reach out. I was really nervous but after the very first session I soon realised that it was a safe space where there was no judgement. I felt truly seen by Jill, not only was she empathetic, she also knew when to push me out of my comfort zone to discover who I really was and how to speak my truth. She helped me navigate through past trauma I hadn't even realised I was holding onto which was completely eye opening for me. The lessons I learned about self-love have been life changing - I can now say I love myself for the first time in 37 years! Having the lifetime access to the content which I know I will continue to use and grow from is amazing. The self-confidence, belief and tools to cope with the day-to-day that I have gained in this course are invaluable. There are not really enough words to say thank you Jill, you wonderful human, for pushing me to invest in myself and become a more empowered version of me! ”

Kelly Porter